Levi’s® women’s jeans come in all shapes, sizes and styles—and we’ve got one of the biggest selections out there. Whether skinny jeans are your style or you’re a classic bootcut kind of girl, Levi’s® has some of the best jeans for women as far as quality, variety and style are concerned.

Selected Femme

SELECTED FEMME is all about pared down elegance rooted in a Scandinavian aesthetic. All our collections are inspired by iconic women of the past mixed with the essence of our present. We always blend classics with high fashion trends to create the sophisticated items that characterize our brand. The silhouettes are cool but feminine. They are simple yet bold. We do timeless looks full of surprising details. We make fashion you want to keep!

Garcia Jeans

We believe, as we’ve always believed, that everyone should be able to afford the best. That’s why our prices remain accessible even while each product is handcrafted from our collective passion. The passion for family, friends, life and love. We are Italian, after all.


Denim jeans are the core product of our brand and we continue to set the trend in both ladies and mens jeanswear. Our ladies includes our new hugely popular ‘Bumlift’ fit along with bootcut, slouch, skinny and engineered fits. While we will always be a denim orientated brand, our season to season ranges offer a variation of knitwear, jackets, polo shirts, tee shirts, hoodies, sweats, shirts, dresses, skirts and accessories in only the very best materials to ensure top comfort, quality and design.

Cara Shoes

Our skill and experience in creating women’s shoes over the years has lead us to produce the highest quality collections which are ever evolving with new designs, shapes and finishes. We have a strong relationship with our manufacturers in Italy and across Europe who supply with the finest leather, suede and textile products for our shoes.

Fred Perry

Over six-decades strong, Fred Perry remains one of the few brands that has true iconic product – the Fred Perry Shirt. An instantly recognisable logo – the Laurel Wreath. Authentic heritage – within sports and music history. And a tribal following – Fred Perry aficionados remain so dedicated that Laurel Wreath tattoos have become part of our culture.